Our story, our value

Framedia has been working with online learning since 2001, and have developed some of the most innovative approaches to engaging learners. CLMS is our flagship learning management system and combines the power of a LMS with the capabilities of an eCommerce and user management system. This means that you get the best of all worlds - excellent online learning tools, combined with the most powerful user management system and the ability to sell access to anyone!

This makes CLMS unique in the world. You control who can access your content, and you can develop an income stream from the software, all for one low monthly price. We don't think anything else comes close to providing all these features, with the same level of simplicity.

We believe CLMS is unique and will give you the ability to train users and develop income whilst you do!

Meet the team

Mark Cooper
Jack Tang
Anna Perry
Product/UX Designer
Tim Robertson
Back-end Developer
Rachel Wu
Front-end Developer
Carl Allison
Mobile Developer
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